Hello 123 Family!

This isn't so much an announcement as much as it is about how 123Systems monitors all of our servers. We often get asked the question "Well, how do you do it?". 123Systems puts a lot of effort into ensuring that our servers run top-notch, this includes 24/7 monitoring of all of our servers including real-time statistics that alert us upon meeting certain thresholds indicating that we need to go take a took. We thought we'd share some photos of how we monitor our system(s) as a whole, we do not skimp on the small stuff, we monitor each and every aspect of our server and have great threshold reporting to inform us of any abnormal usage, ranging from CPU usage to network usage. We watch it all!

Check out our per CPU monitoring. We monitor each individual CPU.

We don't take network abuse lightly, we have proper threshold reporting and real time stats for each active port on our servers to ensure none of our clients are being nasty or being taken advantage of.

We watch our memory statistics very close to ensure that each server has enough memory available for our clients to freely use.

We would never allow our servers to run out of memory and start swapping - as that would chip away at your server performance! At 123Systems, we monitor that as well!

What's the end result? Rest assured that while you're away, 123Systems is there to watch over your service.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

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