Hello 123Family,

I hope you are all doing fantastic today (TGIF)! We will be leaving you all with a very special announcement to think over while you are on your weekend break.

As some of you may know we have been recently working very hard to offer our clients something special for free, this usually comes in the form of a sales email with freebies included. What I am about to outline for you is not a sales pitch nor a promotional. It is something that we as a team have been working on for a few weeks now and have decided that now is the perfect time to push forward with the idea and roll it out. We have been offering the Linux-128-Yearly and Linux-192-Yearly plans to our clients since the legacy days of our company and it has always been a hot plan for our clients. In the recent months the LowEndMarket has been flooded with similar offers that are for the most part identical as the other, therefore in order to stay ahead of the game we are going to offer you something that rarely any provider in the low end market does, a FREE base resource upgrade.

You read it right and your eyes do not deceive you. The upgrade will be absolutely free and permanent. The market has been flooded with new hosts who are trying to cash in on the idea and leave shortly after, that's not what we are all about. Some of our clients have been with us since the opening of our company in 2010 and we are extremely grateful for each and every client and passed client that has been a member of our family. This type of commitment is what we aim to achieve with each client, although we absolutely understand that every client has different needs and some simply due not require a long term service.

With everything else being said above, I am going to go ahead and outline what our plans are over the course of the next month. Beginning September 1st, 2013. We will begin upgrading ALL current Linux-128 and Linux-192 yearly clients to the resources listed below.


Guaranteed RAM: 192MB (64MB Increase)
Burstable RAM: 256MB (128MB Increase)
Disk Space: 10GB (5GB Increase)
Bandwidth: 350GB/Month (100GB Increase)
2vCPU (1vCPU Increase)



Guaranteed RAM: 220MB (28MB Increase)
Burstable RAM: 412MB (28MB Increase)
Disk Space: 20GB (10GB Increase)
Bandwidth: 625GB/Month (125GB Increase)
2vCPU (This will remain the same as it previously was)

The memory increases are slightly higher on 128MB plan compared to the 192MB plan due to the amount of space we actually have to work with as far as that plan is concerned. The 192MB plan receives an additional 25GB monthly bandwidth allowance over the 128MB plan as well as a additional 5GB over the 128MB plan.


I hope you all enjoy what is to be coming and I certainly know that I will enjoy working with each of you individually during this process. I will be personally involved with our ticketing system during this period and personally involved with all of the upgrades. I will leave you all with one last note by saying that is is just the beginning... I have a lot more that will be coming soon before the end of 2013 which will carry over in to the beginning of 2014.


Andrew M.

Friday, August 23, 2013

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