123Systems Proactive Server Monitoring

Hello 123 Family!This isn't so much an announcement as much as it is about how 123Systems monitors all of our servers. We often get asked the question "Well, how do you do it?". 123Systems puts a lot of effort into ensuring that our servers run top-notch, this includes 24/7 monitoring of all of our servers including real-time statistics that ... Read More »

22nd Dec 2013
New Design

123Systems has successfully completed our new design, and it is now live! http://123systems.net/


22nd Dec 2013
Kernel Upgrades

UPDATE: 7:12AM (EST)All issues stemming from the kernel upgrades have been corrected. If your container is still reporting "Offline" then please initiate a "Boot" or "Reboot" and wait up to 5 minutes before submitting a ticket.We apologize for the issues stemming from these ... Read More »

16th Dec 2013